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Sky Tec Home Services is Central Florida's only Five Star VELUX Dealer/Installer. A Five Star Skylight Specialist is the highest certification awarded by VELUX.  Sky Tec services The Villages, FL, Ocala, FL, Leesburg, FL and surrounding areas.  Sky Tec sells and installs Tubular Skylights, (also known a Solar Tubes, Sun Tunnels, Sun Tubes, Light Tubes, and Solar Day Lighting Devices) VELUX Skylights, VELUX Sun Tunnel, Elite Solar Powered Attic Fans, Garage Ventilation Systems and Clearview Retractable Screen doors.  Sky Tec only offers the top of the line products.

Skylights are what we do.  Your skylight specialist can put an end to those dark rooms in your home!  installing VELUX sun tunnel tubular skylights are the quickest and easiest way to light  any room.  Tubular skylights are a very effective way to bring natural light into bathrooms, master closets, hallways, laundry rooms, kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms.  Tubular skylights can be installed in less than two hours.

Tubular skylights harness the natural light of the sun and reflect it through a highly reflective tube to bring natural light into your home.  VELUX skylights block harmful UV light that could fade carpets and upholstery, but let in the natural light that is healthy for all of us.  Bringing natural light into your home through a tubular skylight can improve your mood and make it more comfortable to read.  Installing tubular skylights into your master closet can help you see the true colors of your clothes, helping you avoid that embarrassing situation of wearing one black sock and one blue sock to work.  Let natural light bring out the true beauty of your home decor today!

We are a "Five Star Skylight Specialist" as we have achieved VELUX's highest certification as a skylight installation company.  Whether you need a tubular skylight installed, or one of our other products, our customers are always pleased with the rapid, friendly response.  Once you make the decision to bring natural light into your home, you don't want to have to wait a month to make it happen!  You won't be disappointed.  We have applications to brighten up any home, from a manufactured home to a multi-million dollar estate,  You've bought the home of your dreams, and found that you have that dark corner or interior room you hate to have to switch on a light every time you walk in.  You don't want to open the drapes and let the heat in or fade your upholstery!  Let us help you find the solution to your daylighting needs by bringing in the natural light of the sun without the harsh UV rays or the hot Florida heat using sun tunnel tubular skylight or Velux skylights.  Skylight installation and lighting up your room with just the right touch is our specialty.
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